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#2 Weekly Update on 2019 Picks – With New Picks – January 20

January 20, 2019

Stock – Price – Stock Price Change Since Listing – Update

PORE – $.085 (-.005) – validated results of previous drilling and is currently mapping in 3-D for further evaluation

WM– $.18 (+.025) – found new visible gold-bearing zone, number of good gold intersections, including 6.95 m of 9.12 gm/t

JG – $.185 (-.02) – stock trading sideways after the big run-up on news of Goldcorp and Southern Arc participation in latest financing

DV – $.40 (-.015) – completed 2018/19 field activities, now in winter shutdown, engineering & scientific studies currently underway

SHL – $.05 (+.01) – still trading sideways awaiting the drill results from 2 programs – nickel/cobalt at Crawford north of Kidd Creek and copper/gold at Great Burnt in Nfld

RCLF – $.165 (+.06) – acquiring properties adjacent that include a historical high-grade VMS deposit, had already announced visible gold in core from drilling, assay results still pending

NTRL – $.08 (unch) – still trading sideways, looking for update on their CBD infused sweeteners

RISE – $.075 (-.005) – further drilling of this high-grade gold project in California is planned



PJX Resources – PJX – $.30 – including this one because it is an elephant shot – has a large anomaly at depth and is targeting a massive sulphide body similar to the one at the Sullivan zinc-lead deposit 35 km away. Will test a shallow target before drilling the deep test, with drilling starting now. I am hoping it might be available below $.30 as it has jumped with recent update, but it may not as anticipation of drilling may begin. ELEPHANT SHOT

P.S.     Highway – HWY – $.19 – including only because their property is contiguous on both sides by the PJX ground and if PJX hits something, HWY will be dragged along


Late Addition this week **** Just found out that a stock I have been following and own that was halted for a deal is coming back to trade before the end of the month… so, without knowing what price it will trade at when it does, have to put on the list due to story and the people involved.

MAX Resource – MXR – Halted at $.20 – I get the impression that Brent Matich, Pres. thinks MXR might be a more interesting conglomerate story than NOVO – we will see. An Ivanhoe connection, has done their deal on properties and a funding with latest news – and an interview from the VRIC –


Really Late Addition this week ****  

Superior Gold – SGI – Australian gold producer, have followed for some time now and the stock price has gotten so attractive that I can not ignore it any more, especially with gold acting the way it is… keep in mind their costs in Aussie dollars… check out this latest deck for your DD…

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