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TFSA Top Ten Stock Picks for 2018

January 26, 2018
TFSA Investment Letter 2018 Top Ten Picks
1. Aftermath Silver – AAG.H – $0.13 – shell that did 14 mln at $0.05 and then issued 7.5 mln at $0.10 in debt settlement with directors participating in both… now 28 mln out.. Doug Ramshaw, Adrian Fleming, Sean Hurd, Mike Williams    604-484-7855
2. GFM Resources – GFM.H – $0.10 – has 19.1 mln shs out, wealthy Mexican mining family now owns 16.4 mln and has entered into a property option on a mining property in Sonora, Mexico for first time in years, now evaluating the property… Jose Rivero,
Jaime Farias-Arizpe, James Robertson
3. Noble Mineral – NOB – $0.11 – starting an area play with several other companies entering into exploration agreements, will drill a gold prospect in same area itself and after all data compilation, will see various exploration programs on different parts of the large land position… would be a longer term, big picture play.. Vance White, Gord McKinnon, Mike Newbury, Birks Bovaird, Samuel Peralta, Yvan Champagne
4. White Metal – WHM – $0.135 – Stares group company that staked a large land position in Nfld based on premise that precious and base metal mineralization in pyrite-rich accumulations/nodules in graphitic argillaceous black shale on their ground is unique in Canada and is being promoted as being similar to Kalgoorlie goldfields gold deposits in Australia. Two other Stares companies acquired contiguous ground… Michael Stares, Scott Jobin-Bevans, Elliot Strashin, Sandy Stares
5. Albert Mining – AIIM – $0.05 – a proven artificial intelligence resource detection system for use in mining exploration with several large blocks of the stock now in strong hands….  embarking on a more aggressive stance whereby they will identify prospects and either
option out or explore themselves… Andre Audet, Andre Larente, Michel Fontaine, Jacques Letendre
6. RJK Explorations – RJX.A – $0.65 – actively looking for a new project, most of the stock in strong hands who have a cost base higher than current share price so no rollback anticipated, deal in 2018 that will bring stock back to life… Glenn Kasner, Bill MacCrae, Dan Mackie
7. True Grit – TGI.H – $0.07 – did a debt settlement of 7.3 mln shs at $0.05 with directors participating, then did a rights offering of 13.4 mln units at $0.03 per unit with a wt at $0.10 with those directors and others taking down almost the entire amount thru direct and the additional subscription privilege at which point now 28 mln shs outstanding…. acquired additional lithium lands in Arizona to add to project… Cyrus Driver, Byron Coulthard, David McCue, Allan Williams  (604) 657-7004
8. MAX Resource – MXR – $0.15 – directors sold stock and then replaced by taking down same amount in 8 mln unit financing at $0.05, then added a director who also took down 1.6 mln units, is currently doing 6 mln units at $0.09 with wt at $0.12… Stuart Rogers, Brett Matich, Clancy Wendt, Joe Campbell
9. Thunderstruck Resources – AWE – $0.075 – properties in Fiji that have taken a few years for company to acquire, lock up and get permitting, brought on a country manager who has already discovered a good gold deposit in Fiji now held by Lion One (Wally Berukoff), exploration season coming up… did 9.4 mln units at $0.08 with wt at $0.15…  Bryce Bradley, Linnea von Hessert, Lawrence Raulston, Brien Lundin
10. Block X Capital – BXXX – $0.20  – the whole blockchain/bitcoin area is wacky but here is a shot… did several financings during 2016 at $0.075 per share… then did two financings related to current change of business…   10 mln shs at $0.20 with directors, etc. participating, then did 5.5 mln shs at $0.40… now has 45.5 mln outstanding….  Paul Matysek, Guy Halford-Thompson, Darius Eghdami, Rahim Rajwani, Michele Romanow, Cale Moodie, Zyshan Kaba, and a number of other strong players in this space… see the whole list at

NOTE: These stocks are for TFSAs for non-taxable capital gains.The criteria for the picks is that they are low priced stocks, their share structure and any recent stock ownership changes, the people involved and their capabilities, the projects they are working on or for the shells, anticipation of a deal being put into them this year and a gut feeling based on all these criteria. I own shares in most of these companies, because if I am picking stocks, why wouldn’t I own them?
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