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The TFSA Investment Letter was created to take advantage of the the newly created Tax Free Savings Account. Every Canadian should have a TFSA because of the tax free status of any profits that are made in the TFSA along with the unique ability to withdraw tax free and also to add the withdrawal amount to the next year’s contribution amount.

Since the current contribution limit has been raised to $10,000 per year, it is imperative to generate capital gains and build up the amount of capital in the TFSA.

For that reason, the TFSA Investment Letter will only be listing investments which have a good chance of generating substantial capital gains.

The Editor has been involved in the investment business for almost 40 years and has worked on both the Brokerage side in Retail, Research, Institutional and Trading and on the Public Company side as a Director and as an Advisor in Financing, Acquisition and Marketing.

He can be reached at: